This course is a 'follow-on' course for dogs over 6 months who have completed either a Puppy Beginners or Puppy Improvers class.  It has been designed for those lovely 'Spanners' who are in non-working homes but whose owners would like to really learn how their Spaniel ticks, what and how to best train them and have lots of fun while ensuring that their dog's innate behavioural needs are being met.

We will be looking at all things 'Spaniel' and will be basing our training on fun, positive and rewarding exercise and will include scentwork, retrieving and hunting games and obedience.   This will be perfect for those non-working dog/owner partnerships.

This course will start in March 2023 and will run on either Monday or Tuesday mornings in Uckfield so please contact me to show your interest!
This course may be expanded to include other breeds...