Hi Jo,

You have given us invaluable support and advice with our new rescue dogs who are 2 very different characters and have certainly presented a challenge! Thank you for all the time you have taken with us and them and for your professionalism and knowledge and for taking the time to really get to understand the dynamics of our life and the dogs. A fantastic service – highly, highly recommended.

Heidi, Billy & Tink


These scentwork classes are exceeding my expectations, we both love them! I love the autonomy of the dogs working, as well of the pure skill development and natural qualities of scenting, also helping dogs’ posture and enhanced biomechanical function through muscle activation.

I see too many dogs that are not allowed to ‘think’ and I am so delighted that this is becoming more and more popular. Thank you for answering my questions, I really want to get this right for Tilly! I think your training style and approach is great, love it! 

Julia x

Hi Jo,

Just wanted to say how much we have enjoyed the Puppy Class.......gorgeous puppies and a lovely group of people. What I particularly like is the gentle way that you handle the pups and you’ve shown us that you can have as much control in this way without being all “Barbara Woodhouse”. (Maybe you’re too young to remember her!)

Anne & Amber

Hi Jo,

Just wanted to send you a big thank you from Tammy and I for the brilliantly run Scentwork course. It’s been very informative, lots of fun and met some lovely people and their dogs. Looking forward to the next course!
Best wishes

Vanessa and Tammy  

Hi Jo,

Just wanted to say a big thank you! Since programming the recall as you advised Wilf is doing fantastically well at coming back for the whistle (even when loads of distractions and more exciting stuff happening nearby and out on the downs where there are rabbit burrows and pheasants etc). He is enjoying the games you suggested at home as well.

Very best wishes


Hi Jo, 

You may remember you came to see me and my dog Tilly (Romanian rescue) a few years ago. Things were pretty bad at the time and we had reached rock bottom. In our last session I had concluded that rehoming was likely the best option as I felt that I wasn't able to manage her safely.

However since Lockdown hit I have been able to implement the advice you gave and she is doing so well. I have gradually been able to let her off lead again which I never believed possible. It was actually several compliments I got today from fellow dog walkers, about her brilliant recall around other dogs and distractions, that reminded me that I had been meaning to thank you.  

I honestly can't express how helpful your support was. You really helped me to understand her so much better and to review my expectations which, on reflection, were unrealistic. You helped me recognise what changes I needed to make to help her. I recall you saying that she may always be nervous, but what I should work on was the recall, so that I could manage this. You were so right. I can read her body language so much better now and recognise when I need to step in before her anxiety escalates. 

I have been able to gradually increase exposure to busier places, where she meets more people. This is still on-going, but progress has definitely been made. The biggest issue was visitors to the house but again this is improving all the time. So many of our visitors are now met with a waggy tail.

I honestly cannot thank you enough for what you have done. Through following your advice, with the time, effort and consistency needed, I have been able to turn the situation around. I can see Tilly continuously growing in confidence and happiness which is so rewarding. Stopping and reflecting on how far she has come and how much we have bonded, has made me a little teary (I think you've probably guessed I'm a bit of a crier lol!)  

Thank you again for all your help. I realise this email is probably a little gushy, but that really reflects what a difference you made to our lives! 

Best wishes

Lindsey & Tilly

Hi Jo,

Just had to let you know that I didn't expect to get such a buzz out of showing my family the scent detection 'Passive Indication' with Isla. Just after 3 treats she got it. It made me smile, smile, smile!

It could be different today but hey it was such a great feeling!

Thanks Pam and Isla


Hi Jo!!

Just needed to say a huge thank you for yet another positive training class this morning with me and Maisy, I so felt we were getting somewhere yet again and it gives you such a good feeling!!!!!!

Thanks again,

Carole and Maisy xx 


Hi Jo 

We have just clocked up our first anniversary of having Saffy.  As you know it had all been a bit of a challenge with her separation issues! 

However, I now feel that we can finally say that we have a normal dog. Recently some mornings Saffy has chosen to go back indoors after her morning walk and not bother coming to the office at all.  She is completely relaxed about being left on her own and sometimes does not even wake up when I pick up the car keys! 

I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help, advice and encouragement. There is no way that we would have been able to sort her out ourselves, the turning point was the pink plastic box!

We have continued to work hard on lead training and recall. We are confident enough now to let her off the lead for extended periods on walks and she comes back! 

Whilst I have always had a dog I have never encountered issues like this so thank you once again for steering us through it and ensuring that we had a very happy ending.

Julian, Jane & Saffy.  


Hi Jo x

Thank you so much for today, I felt exhausted after you had gone (in a very happy way) as there was so much to take in, it felt like you had been here 30 mins not 2 hours. All so informative, helpful and kind of you. I love your training methods and you get me too, not telling me off for loving my ‘babies’ so much. I have always maintained that the problem is with me and not the dogs! 

I’ll try my hardest & do my best but won’t expect miracles overnight! 

Love Hayley x x  


Hi Jo!

Sorry been out of touch for a while so just thought I would touch base....

The whistle recall is going really well.... Frankie made a dash for the woods (and therefore towards the road) the other day and I didn't really want to chase him towards said hazards. Grabbed the whistle and gave it a good blast.... hey presto, instant response!!! Straight back into the house for super treat!